About Factory

Automated Precision Craftsmanship

Drawing inspiration from our commitment to research in the hair lab  our manufacturing process incorporates robotic technology, establishing an automated production line that ensures precision and top-notch quality.

Automated for Quality

We have automated most of the production and assembly steps of GLA AIR Hair Dryer, using robots to ensure product quality and consistency.

Achieving Precision

We carefully measure every component with a fully automatic system, aiming for an accuracy of 0.01mm to ensure our dimension requirements are met. Our attention to detail secures the luxurious touch and premium feel of your GLA AIR HAIR DRYER

Automating Production

We have fully automated the production process of the motor, the heart of your GLAM Air Hair dryer This automation guarantees consistent production of the motor, ensuring that each one meets our rigorous design standards for power and durability.

Testing Performance

Every Zuvi Halo unit undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing with the help of robotic arms. Tests include wind field and light field distribution, noise measurement, and more. These meticulous tests guarantee that each GLAM Air Hair dryer delivers outstanding performance, exactly as designed.